Can You Buy an Apartment in Houston? A Guide to Purchasing an Apartment in Houston, TX

Texas’s Houston is a prosperous metropolis with a broad economy, active culture, and robust real estate market. You might be wondering if it’s possible to purchase an apartment in Houston if you’re considering relocating there. We’ll look at whether you can buy an apartment in Houston, how much it will cost, and the benefits and drawbacks of doing so in this post.

In Houston, are apartments for sale?

Yes, you can buy an apartment in Houston, is the quick response. Yet purchasing an apartment differs somewhat from purchasing a standard single-family home. The majority of apartments in Houston are offered as condominiums, meaning that you own both the individual unit and a portion of the building’s common areas and amenities.

The location, size, and condition of the apartment are just a few of the variables that will affect the price of an apartment purchase in Houston. As of January 2022, the median sale price of a condo in Houston was $214,900, according to Zillow. Nonetheless, costs might vary from under $100,000 to over $1 million, depending on the area and the building’s amenities. Fill in this short form and our team of professionals will help you secure your dream home for you.

Benefits of Houston Apartment Purchasing

Low-cost home ownership
Especially in a city like Houston where housing costs are rising quickly, purchasing an apartment might be an economical way to enter the housing market. In addition, due to the fact that homeowner’s association (HOA) fees often cover upkeep and repairs, apartment ownership is frequently less expensive than single-family house ownership.

In Houston, a lot of apartment complexes provide a variety of amenities like swimming pools, workout centers, and concierge services. For inhabitants, these amenities can improve convenience and quality of life.

Whether you want to live in the center of Houston or in a certain area, purchasing an apartment can be a great option. Several apartment complexes are situated in enviable locations, near eateries, stores, and public transportation.

Rental Earnings
You might be able to rent out the flat to get rental income if you don’t intend to live there all year. This will enable you to pay down your mortgage and generate passive income.

The Drawbacks of Houston Apartment Purchasing

HOA Fees As we already indicated, the majority of Houston apartment complexes are sold as condominiums, which necessitates the payment of HOA fees. These charges, which can be substantial, might pay for common area utilities as well as upkeep and repairs.

Smaller Control
The apartment itself is yours when you purchase one, but you have little control over the upkeep, repairs, and restorations of the building. The HOA board will make decisions on behalf of all residents, and you will be required to follow the guidelines that the board establishes.

Value at Resale
Several aspects, including the building’s general condition, the HOA dues, and the neighborhood real estate market, might influence an apartment’s resale value. As a result, if you decide to sell your apartment, you could not realize as much of a profit as you would if you bought a single-family home.

How to Purchase an Apartment in Houston: Steps

Establish a Budget
You should figure out how much you can afford to spend before looking for an apartment. This will enable you to focus your search and resist the need to overpay.

Search for a Real Estate Agent
You can locate the ideal apartment for your requirements and financial situation by working with a real estate agent. Choose a real estate agent that is knowledgeable about the Houston real estate market and has expertise working with condominiums.

Investigate Neighborhoods
Do some research on the areas where you are interested in purchasing an apartment. To decide whether regions would be a good fit for your lifestyle, consider aspects like safety, schools, amenities, and transit alternatives.

Participate in open houses and arrange showings
Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential properties, schedule showings and stop by open houses to get a better feel for the apartments and the complex. You will also have a chance to learn more about the HOA dues and regulations and to ask questions.

Create a Proposal
Make an offer that corresponds to the apartment’s current market worth once you’ve located it. Based on nearby sales that are comparable, your real estate agent can assist you in determining a fair offer.

Complete the Sale
You’ll have to go through the closing procedure to complete the purchase if your offer is approved. Cam Dowski from said “This will entail working with a title company, making the necessary payments, and signing the required documents.”


A fantastic option to own property in a desired area and take advantage of homeownership benefits without having to pay the high price of a single-family home is by purchasing an apartment in Houston. Yet, it’s crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a choice and to deal with a knowledgeable real estate agent who can help you navigate the process. You can discover the ideal apartment in Houston and take advantage of everything this exciting city has to offer with proper preparation and study.

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