How Much Do Apartments Cost in Houston? A Comprehensive Guide with Statistics and Tips

A vibrant metropolis with a population of over 2 million, Houston, Texas. The area has a strong demand for housing as a result. Those who want to reside in Houston frequently choose apartments, but many are curious about their cost. This post will examine Houston apartment prices and offer insightful analysis of the renting industry.

The Rental Market in Houston

It’s crucial to comprehend the state of the rental market overall before delving further into the price of apartments in Houston. Houston’s rental market is now seeing a 1.5% increase in rents year over year, according to a survey from Apartment List. Although while this increase is less than average compared to other big American cities, it’s still a considerable cost for anybody looking to rent in the area.

Moreover, Houston now has a higher vacancy rate than the national average of 9.2%. The availability of more rental apartments means that tenants will have more negotiation leverage when negotiating rental rates.

Apartment Prices in Houston

Apartment prices in Houston can vary significantly depending on a number of variables. These elements include the location, features, size, and age of the unit. The average monthly rent for an apartment in Houston is $1,205, according to a RentCafe survey. Both one-bedroom and two-bedroom flats are included in this average.

a studio apartment

Apartments with one bedroom are a common alternative for single people and couples without kids. Depending on the neighborhood and features, the price of a one-bedroom apartment in Houston might vary significantly. The average monthly rent in Houston for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,090, according to a survey from Zumper. Yet, depending on the neighborhood, this figure can change significantly.

For instance, a one-bedroom apartment in Downtown Houston costs a lot more than the average for the area. According to a RentCafe survey, a one-bedroom apartment in Downtown Houston costs an average of $1,748 a month to rent. Fill in this short form and our team of professionals will help you secure your dream home for you.

Apartments with two bedrooms

Couples with kids or housemates often choose two-bedroom apartments. Similar to one-bedroom flats, the price of a two-bedroom apartment can differ significantly based on the neighborhood and features. The average monthly rent in Houston for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,450, according to a survey from Zumper.

The price of a two-bedroom apartment in Downtown Houston is much more than the city’s average, similar to the price of one-bedroom flats. The average monthly rent in Downtown Houston for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,668, according to a RentCafe survey.

Luxurious Residences

In Houston, there is an increasing demand for luxury residences. High-end amenities including swimming pools, exercise centers, and concierge services are available in these units. The average monthly rent in Houston for a luxury apartment is $1,926 per month, according to a RentCafe analysis.

Depending on the location and features, the cost of luxury apartments in Houston might vary greatly. For instance, a premium apartment in the Galleria-Uptown area can cost anything from $1,573 and $5,069 per month.

Houston Apartment Costs: Things to Consider

Houston apartment prices might vary depending on a number of factors. These considerations include the location, size, and age of the apartment as well as the following:

Flats with more extras, like a fitness center, pool, or concierge service, are usually more expensive than those without.

Location Apartments in sought-after areas like Uptown or Downtown Houston will often cost more than those in less desirable areas.

Apartments that are bigger and have more bedrooms and bathrooms usually cost more than smaller ones.

Modern facilities in newer apartments will often be more expensive than those in older flats with obsolete features.

Rent prices in Houston may also be impacted by the demand for units. Landlords may increase their rental costs if there are more applicants for apartments than there are available apartments.

Rental rates may also be influenced by the season. In Houston, rental rates typically range from highest to lowest over the summer, according to a RentCafe analysis.

Advice for Locating Affordable Apartments in Houston

In Houston, it can be difficult to find an affordable apartment, but it’s not impossible. Here are some pointers for locating a city apartment on a tight budget:

Investigate various neighborhoods
Rents might differ greatly from one neighborhood to the next, as we’ve already mentioned. If money is tight, think about looking for flats in less well-known areas.

Investigate move-in specials
To entice tenants, many landlords provide move-in specials. These deals could include a lower security deposit or a free month of rent. Check out our specials page to learn more.

Think about roommates
A great option to share the expense of rent is to live in an apartment with roommates. Several services and applications, such and SpareRoom, can assist you discover a suitable roommate if you don’t know anyone who is seeking for a roommate.

Dispute Your Rent
Consider negotiating your rent if you’ve found an apartment you love but can’t quite afford. Many landlords are open to negotiating, especially if you’re a reliable renter.

Be flexible with the day you move in.
Consider delaying the lease signing process until the off-season if you’re not in a rush to move. As we have mentioned, wintertime rental rates are typically lower.


The location, size, and amenities of an apartment can have a significant impact on its price in Houston. A one-bedroom apartment in Houston typically costs $1,090 a month, while a two-bedroom apartment costs $1,450 a month. In Houston, the average price of a luxury apartment is $1,926 per month.

The location, amenities, size, age, demand, and seasonality of the apartment, among other things, might influence rental rates in Houston. If you’re shopping for an inexpensive apartment in Houston, think about doing some area research, looking for move-in discounts, thinking about roommates, lowering your rent, and being flexible with your move-in date.

The rental market in Houston is generally in good shape, with a higher vacancy rate than the national average. Renters now have more negotiating power, which may help them find a more inexpensive flat in the city.

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